Usually Eats Her Food Before The Photo
Hola! My name is Maria — I'm a Graphic Designer and Art Director.

I was born in South Texas but raised in Mexico. As a border child, I grew up appreciating the best of both cultures and learned at a very young age that salsa makes everything taste better, but nothing beats Whataburger's spicy ketchup.

As a kid, I was obsessed with drawing, so my marker collection must remain intact at all times; losing one would make me freak out because I knew I wouldn't be able to create my masterpiece as I imagined it. Eventually, in College, I traded my markers and notebook for vectors and brushes in Illustrator.

I recently finished my Master's Degree in Advertising from The University of Texas and completed the Texas Creative sequence.

My other interests include food, so anything spicy, but also, when the temperature drops a few degrees, or it's rainy, I crave sweet bread — yes, it's a Mexican thing.
I love watching movies and listening to old disco music. 
I'm also a firm believer in the extraordinary power of sunscreen, so I never leave my house without applying it to my face, and I keep a to-go version in my purse.

If you know about a place with a fantastic salsa, want to praise about how great sunscreen is, or like my creative work, please contact me at or 956-280-1135.

Want to learn more about my creative experience? Download my resume here!
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